Main Auditorium

Main Auditorium Main Auditorium - Stalls & Gallery Main Auditorium - On Stage towards scenery dock Main Auditorium - On Stage view Main Auditorium - Audience view Main Auditorium - View from Gallery, lighting gantry Main Auditorium - from scenery dock on to stage Main Auditorium - scenery dock & roller door Main Auditorium - Dressing Room 1 (Dressing room 2 identical)

The Main Auditorium facilities include; scenery dock, two large dressing rooms, accessible toilets and showers, musicians basement rooms and orchestra pit, small kitchenette with water boiler and fridge. Technical facilities include lighting for a basic stage wash, RGBW LED side lighting that can be used to add colour to the stage, smoother or painted cyc wall, stage apron & steps, a Yamaha baby grand piano and Tech Support. Theatre flying systems include a truss, four winch lighting bars with waylines and DMX, ten hand line flying bars.

IMPORTANT - The Main Auditorium does not have an in-house sound system or a projector. Please get in touch with us if these are needed and we can suggest a provider to hire from.

Main Auditorium Seating Plan
Main Auditorium Stage Dimensions

Hire Rates

  • Community: $424.70 per day
  • Rehersal Days: $163.34 per day
  • Technical Support : $59.31 per hour (minimum of 2 hours)
  • Commercial: $1176.10 per day


  • Dressing Room 1: 8
  • Dressing Room 2: 8
  • Dressing Room 3: 12
  • Dressing Room 4: 12
  • Stalls: 259
  • Gallery: 98
  • On Stage: 150

Room Features

  • Air Conditioning
  • Fresh Air Supply
  • Heating
  • Whiteboard (no pens)
  • Dimmable Lighting
  • Dressing Rooms: 2
  • Kitchenette
  • Small Fridge
  • Toilets & Shower
  • Tables & Chairs
  • Yamaha Baby Grand Piano


  • WiFi


  • Loading Dock
  • Smother or Cyc
  • Stage Wash
  • Winch lighting bars
  • Stage Curtain
  • Stage Apron
  • Stage Steps
  • Theatre Flying Systems


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